Paul Stark

photo Paul Stark was a co-founder of Twin/Tone Records. The influential label based in Minneapolis discovered and launched careers of such artists as Soul Asylum, The Replacements, The Suburbs, The Jayhawks, and Ween. For over 25 years he was its President, working with more than 125 bands and overseeing the release of more than 350 projects.

He started his career in the 70's as a sound engineer/ producer and spent time on the road with touring acts. He has been the owner of several recording studios and has designed and manufactured sound and lighting controls.

Paul has been a strong advocate of the digital music revolution. He became an Internet service provider in 1995. Paul also worked with the San Francisco start-up, Liquid Audio as one of it's Vice Presidents from 1999 through 2001. Liquid Audio pioneered the legal downloading of music which led to the market dominated currently by iTunes and Spotify.

photo Today, almost fully retired, Paul splits his time between homes in Minneapolis and outside Phoenix. He is the owner and chief bottle washer of Twin/Tone Digital (which, among other things, preserves and digitalizes relicts of the bygone analog world and maintains much of the Twin/Tone Catalog in iTunes and Spotify.)

In his spare time, Paul takes many photos while hiking and traveling. He grew up as a photographer and now, in recent years, is getting back to the art form.

You can view his travel photos here:

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Paul holds a B.A. in psychology and communications from the University of Minnesota.

February 2022

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